Here’s How Bill Clinton Responded To Trump’s Claims That He’s The Worst ‘Abuser’ Of Women

If this is the best the Clintons can come up with, it’s going to be a long six months for the likely Democrat nominee and her husband.

Because Donald Trump isn’t likely to be nearly so easy to laugh off or shut up.

The moment came on Tuesday when a female Washington Post reporter caught up with former President Bill Clinton at a restaurant in Puerto Rico and asked him if he would like to respond to a Trump Twitter posting that called him the “WORST” abuser of women in American political history.

Here’s the tweet, where Trump was responding to an ad put out by the pro-Hillary super PAC Priorities USA that attacked Trump’s history with women (and deliberately twisted his words out of context to do it.)

The former president, a man who was nearly kicked out of the Oval Office because of his fooling around in the White House, never wiped the smile off his face.

“No. I won’t” respond, Clinton said. “I think people are smart enough to figure this out without my help.”

Well, he’s probably right about that. The American people are smart enough to figure out that a man with a long, documented history of abusing women — from his days in Arkansas to his nights in Washington, D.C. — managed to beat impeachment and stay in office in 1999 because his Democrat supporters couldn’t give Republicans a win without jeopardizing the whole progressive project.

But that was a time when the economy was cooking right along, and voters could be more forgiving of the guy in the Oval Office, even if the allegations of sexual misbehavior against him ranged from dallying with White House interns as president to the alleged rape of a nursing home administrator back in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Now that that the woman who claims she was the rape victim has come out supporting Trump for president — and Trump is making no bones about his intention to go after both Clintons for their sorry history of Bill abusing women then Hillary abusing them again to keep them quiet — it’s going to be time for the Clintons to pay the piper.

And if an “aw shucks” country-boy grin is the best they can come up with to fight back, it’s promises to be a very bumpy road for Hillary as she heads toward the November showdown with the billionaire businessman…if she makes it that far..

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