Here’s the ENORMOUS Difference Between Ben Carson and Barack Obama… It’s PERFECT!

There is no question Barack Obama has had a historic presidency. However, as with everything else involving him, all we can say is that it’s been historically bad.

Of course, there is no question liberals love him—he tells them just what they want to hear. Conversely, they do not love Ben Carson. However, when you study the two men’s backgrounds, there’s no question that only one of them exemplifies true courage, determination, and grit.

First of all, there is the case of Ben Carson, who was raised in the inner city, grew up poor, and was constantly pushed by his mother to strive for more. Carson would continually bring home the best papers in everything, and his mother would tell him, “That’s not good enough.”

Obama, on the other hand, was raised by all-white family members. He grew up in suburban Hawaii and went to expensive private schools. He received the best of everything—hardly undergoing the hardships unfortunately endured by many black Americans—and it illustrates his liberal nature.

Obama grew up and became a community organizer. He received his law degree and was mentored by some very questionable people, such as Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers.

Carson, on the other hand, went to school and became a neurosurgeon. Do you think his mother was finally proud of him? I’m sure she was, but there was more to the story. The reason his mother never said his work was “good enough” was because she wasn’t able to read his papers, as per the Detroit Free Press. She wanted a better future for her son, and her sacrifices were rewarded in the man he is today.

So, here we have the portrait of a man who rose above his circumstances versus someone who was a child of privilege who grew up to understand social justice and the black community without real experience to back it up.

Donald Trump became so impressed with Ben Carson that he offered the man a cabinet post. That’s right, Ben Carson is going to be America’s new Housing and Urban Development secretary. And the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are slamming the pick, saying he doesn’t have enough “experience.”

Of course, this is entirely laughable. Carson once performed a marathon day-long surgery to separate conjoined twins. I’m sure he would be able to figure out how to do the job of leading the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which tackles issues he likely takes to heart more than our current president.

How Dr. Carson is being treated speaks to a serious, problematic double standard. Had anyone questioned Obama’s experience to run the free world, they would have been labeled a racist. No such luck with Carson, I guess.

There is no question Dr. Carson is supremely intelligent. We can be confident that the HUD department is in good hands—unlike with any of the Obama appointees and their continued insistence on failed policies.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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