Here’s The List Of Anti-Gay Muslim Nations From Whom Hillary Has Taken Millions Of Dollars

Following Sunday’s terror attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando, the violently anti-gay stance of the Islamic ideology is coming under increased scrutiny. Specifically, GOP presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump is criticizing Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation for taking funds from foreign states whose legal codes reflect this radical ideology.

Trump called for Clinton to return the funds in a Facebook post on Monday:

Indeed, The Clinton Foundation has taken tens of millions of dollars from these countries. In addition to Saudi Arabia, The Clinton Foundation has taken money from at least 6 other majority Muslim nations whose laws harshly punish homosexuality. The donors and amounts given are taken directly from The Clinton Foundation‘s own website:

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia $10-$25 Million Homosexual acts punishable by death,

torture, and/or chemical castration.

State of Kuwait  $5-$10 Million Prosecuted under the “debauchery”

law with jail time up to 6 years

State of Qatar  $1-$5 Million Homosexual acts punishable

by death or imprisonment.

Sultanate of Oman   $1-$5 Million Homosexuals face up to 3

years imprisonment.

United Arab Emirates   $1-$5 Million Homosexual acts punishable

by death.

Embassy of Algeria $250-$500 Thousand  Homosexuals face fines

and imprisonment.

Government of Brunei Darussalam   $1-$5 Million Homosexual acts punishable

by death.


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