Here’s What The Latest Polls Say About All Five Of Tomorrow’s Primaries

If the polls are accurate, Super Tuesday 3.0 could shape up to be a banner day for the Trump campaign. According to the Real Clear Politics averages the billionaire is well ahead of his competitors in all five of tomorrow’s contests including the day’s largest prize of Pennsylvania which will send a bounty of 71 delegates to July’s convention.

Real estate mogul Donald Trump currently holds 845 GOP delegates, and is hoping to expand his lead over his rivals. Senator Ted Cruz is running in second place with 559 delegates and Ohio Governor John Kasich is at the back of the pack with 148. Senator Cruz is looking to stem the bleeding from his defeat in New York.

Here’s where the polls stand in tomorrow’s GOP primary contests:

Connecticut 4/10-4/24 52.3 16.3 26.3
Delaware  4/17-4/18  3.0 55  15 18
Maryland 4/8- 4/17  — 41.0  23.0 27.0
Pennsylvania 4/10-4/24 45.8  26.4 23.0
Rhode Island  4/19-4/24  49.5 13.5 24.0

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