Here’s Why The New Polls Showing Donald Trump Trailing Hillary Are Flawed

A new Reuters poll has many Republicans worried about the outcome of the 2016 presidential race–and many on the Democratic side ready to pop the champaign corks.

The poll shows presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton leading by a shocking 14 percent over her Republican rival Donald Trump: 47 percent to 33 percent.

Unfortunately there’s one problem with the poll. It is heavily skewed.

The Gateway Pundit reports that of Reuters’ 1,201 respondents, 626 were Democrats and only 423 were Republicans.

In other words, 52 percent of Reuter’s respondents were Democrats and only 35 percent were Republican–a huge 33% advantage for Democrats!

According to, Reuters isn’t the only misleading presidential poll. A new ABC News/ Washington Post survey found voters preferred Hillary 51 percent to 39 percent. In that sample, 36 percent of respondents were Democrats and only 24 percent were Republicans.

The skewed polls are made less believable by the fact that Republican turnout in 2016 is likely to be higher than in previous years. As NPR noted in March, Republicans far outstripped Democrats in primary turnout, due in part to the insurgent nature of of the Donald Trump candidacy.

It’s time for the mainstream media to rethink their skewed polling samples.

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