Hillary ATTACKS Police Officers In INSULTING Speech at NAACP…You HAVE To Hear This!

Police officers are under attack every single day across the country, yet they continue to wake up every morning, put on their badge and take to the streets to protect complete strangers, some of which may try to kill them at any moment.

Just a couple of days ago on Sunday, three more police officers lost theirs lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana by a Nation of Islam follower who believed cops are racist and deserve to die. Just 1 week prior to Baton Rouge, five Dallas police officers lost their lives because some anti-cop Black Lives Matter protestor thought these law enforcement officers should be killed.

With all that’s going on in the war between cops and black activists, Hillary Clinton had the nerve to step up the podium while speaking at an NAAACP event to tell police officers to quit killing black people.

Here is what Hillary said…

Apparently, Hillary Clinton has forgotten that more white people are killed by cops than black people and there is more black-on-black crime any other possible comparison, but apparently black lives only matter when cops are doing the killing, which again, doesn’t happen nearly as often as it does to white people.

Not to mention, Democrats easily forget that the fast majority of arrests and deaths occur in predominately black neighborhoods, so what color do you think the people are going to be that get arrested and killed? Black, of course. It’s just a simple mathematical probability factor.

Nevertheless, Hillary took to the stage to tell the the NAACP audience what they wanted to hear in order to secure votes. It’s a complete fraud.

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