Hillary Became Fastest Woman To Be Heckled Off Stage

It was only a matter of seconds before at least two hecklers in Los Angeles let Hillary Clinton know exactly what they think of her:

On May 5th, 2016, we shut down a political rally with one essential message: #‎DropOutHillary!

It took about one minute for Alex and I to shut down Hillary’s speech to the overflow section and boy were these Clintonistas angry! And not just angry, they were violent! Grown men and old Womyn were shoving us, ripping away our phones and signs, threatening to hurt us, calling us names (of course I called them names back. Just wait till you see the full video). It was like a Trump rally except more liberal.

We based our calls on Hillary to drop out on her policies and exploits against the people of Central and South America. Specifically her support for the coup in Honduras against the exiled president Manuel Zelaya, and the subsequent assassination of Environmentalist #‎BertaCaceres who fingered Clinton just days before her own murder. Clinton’s insistence that children from Central America who immigrated here in recent years in the tens of thousands be deported was also a heavy weight on our conscience so we wanted to bring it to light to her and her supporters.

Of course there are hundreds of other reasons to eliminate Clinton from our political boudoir, but as she continues her quest for Latinx support, we need to make it plainly obvious that she does not support the Latinx community.

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