Hillary Caught Doing THIS To Hurricane Victims, So Reince Priebus OBLITERATED Her

They say all is fair in love and war. While that may be the case in individual relationships, as harsh as relationships can be, in politics not everything flies. Campaigns have to weigh the consequences of their actions against the perceived damage they could cause. It is the stuff that keeps campaign managers up at night.

The Clinton team was slated to engage in a massive political ad buy on The Weather Channel smack dab in the middle of the network’s coverage of Hurricane Matthew’s Florida landfall. Immediate criticism from all sides was leveled at the campaign which reluctantly pulled the ads back as quietly as they could.

Exploiting tragedies and natural disasters for political purposes is beneath contempt. It is an exercise attempting to smear your opponent for acts of madmen and acts of God. It is disingenuous, crude, and ultimately self-serving.

This wasn’t a decision that was made weeks ago when the storm was forecast to devastate the east coast of Florida. The decision to cancel this manipulative ad buy came late in the day just hours before Hurricane Matthew started to destroy people’s property and belongings along the Florida Coast.

The exploitive ads were to have started running on the Weather Channel just as the network’s coverage of the hurricane’s landfall began. But vocal criticism by the Trump campaign – along with less vocal reservations from within the Democrat Party – caused the Clinton team to change its plans.

In a radio interview with Ohio talk show host Bob Frantz, Eric Trump, the GOP nominee’s son, lambasted the Clinton team – and Hillary Clinton for approving the move – for the pending $63,000 ad buy. Trump called Clinton a “typical politician” for the self-important move.

“I’m a guy who, maybe in a certain crazy way, believes in karma,” Trump said of Clinton’s ad buy plans. “There’s something pretty evil and sick about that if you ask me, but that’s a typical politician for you”.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus took to Twitter to demand a conciliatory response from Clinton and her team. “Pulling these ads after getting caught won’t cut it. @HillaryClinton should apologize for using storm for votes.”

In the end, before the business day was up, just hours before Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Florida, the Clinton campaign pulled its plans, deciding to wait until the hurricane had passed to launch the advertisements. It is unclear whether the ad buy will be in a much lesser amount for the fact viewership on the Weather Channel will be lessened by calm weather.

It is hard to believe that anyone who would exploit the public’s woes in such a crass way could possibly have the public’s best interests at heart. This kind of manipulative move – an unconscionable play at manipulating someone emotionally – seeks to capitalize on people’s vulnerabilities. It is the tactic of a tyrant whose only care in the world is the achievement of their own self-centered goals.

This should put to bed any notion that Hillary Clinton – and the whole of the disingenuous Progressive movement – gives a damn about the people. Hillary Clinton only cares about herself.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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