Hillary Claims She is “not in the pocket of anyone” Right After Receiving $6 Million from George Soros

Hillary Clinton showed how out of touch with reality she is this week when confronted about her ties to Wall Street.

The former Secretary of State’s cozy relationship with special interest groups is so well-documented that even Democrats do not challenge it, with supporters of Bernie Sanders in particular viewing it as evidence of Clinton’s untrustworthy nature. Naturally, this has put Hillary on the defensive, leading to her trying to downplay accusations that she is in the pocket of Wall Street in spite of overwhelming evidence.

Just this week, Clinton was asked about the allegations on CBS. Indignant, the Democratic frontrunner claimed that “anybody who knows me” knows that she isn’t bought out by the entrenched financial elite. But, as is usually the case with Hillary’s claims, the facts tell a different story.

A month before she claimed was “not in the pocket of anyone”, Clinton’s super-PAC received a donation of $6 million from left-wing billionaire George Soros. Quite a lot of money to spend on someone who won’t do anything for you, wouldn’t you say?

From the moment she and Bill left the White House, Hillary has made a fortune speaking before and taking money from immensely wealthy groups and individuals. In contrast to their appraisal of other candidates, Wall Street figures have lavished praise upon Hillary, to say nothing of millions of dollars.

“A recent New York Timesreport detailed how the Clintons have raked in more than $125,000,000 in speaking fees since they left the White House, most of it stemming from Wall Street-linked financial firms.

The head of a major banking association predicted last year that Clinton ‘would become Mrs. Wall Street if she’s elected.’

In addition, the Clinton Foundation routinely accepts millions of dollars from the oil and gas industry, with donations coming directly from ExxonMobil and prominent oil-producing states in the Middle East. Yet Hillary claims she has no recollection of accepting money from big oil.

The allegations against Hillary will inevitably continue, as it has emerged that Billionaire ‘philanthropist’ (read ‘puppet master’) George Soros has plyed her coffers with millions.

The Hill reports:

Billionaire George Soros contributed $6 million to a super-PAC supporting Hillary Clinton last month, according to the committee’s latest financial statement.

The investor has now contributed a total of $7 million in this election cycle to Priorities USA Action, which raised $41 million on behalf of Clinton in 2015.”

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