Hillary Clinton Democrat voters (and their children) harass and scream at Trump supporters

Joe Sulich Jr. said: You know what? For years, many of us have always wondered what it would be like to have our country ran like a business. Now, we have that chance & the establishment doesn’t want it. Why? Because all of our congress is afraid of losing their money opportunities from the lobbyists & FATCATS !! They don’t want a Trump breaking up their nice little game they have running in DC. These elected officials only want their share of the pie, as long as they keep getting elected! We need term limits for these assholes.. Just follow the money & you will understand! It’s like Trump stated… ALL TALK, NO ACTION ! Been going on too long! VOTE TRUMP & end the agony in DC ! REMEMBER, A NON VOTE IS A VOTE FOR THE WITCH!

America’s biggest haters often carry “no hate” signs.

“Dreamers” confront Trump supporters in Cali:

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