WOW! She is really ugly person! It’s not a secret, we hate this woman!

First she attacked the employees of State Department, they were guilty for her email scandal because they do not reported to her that using private email is wrong?!?!?! Now she practically says that American people is stupid, they should do what Obama is doing, because according to her, he thinks she is ok, so the American people should think the same?! WOW, SHE HAS BALLS MAN!

She can’t stop lying. Her poor relationship with the truth has a long and storied past, but this election cycle it all began with Benghazi.

When Islamic militants ambushed the US consulate in Benghazi, Clinton’s state department said that the attack was a spontaneous protest about an online video. In private, Clinton admitted n an email that the attack had “nothing to do with the film.”

We only know this, of course, because requests for Hillary Clinton’s emails after the attack revealed that she was not using her state department email address. Instead, she was using a private account being hosted by a server on her own property. When asked about the setup, she lied and said it was built for use by her husband when he was president. When it was discovered that that wasn’t the case, she once again lied and said that the server handled no classified information.

When an FBI investigation discovered that that was false, she decided to insist to the American people that the FBI had proven her truthfulness on the matter.

Of course, that was a lie — and the latest in a long an arduous list of lies that has made Hillary Clinton one of the least trusted politicians in history.
Still, she thinks people will come around.

Barack Obama once declared that his administration would be the most transparent in history. Of course, that ended up being far from the case, as multiple shady deals have tarnished the president’s reputation for turthfullness. Still, Hillary Clinton seems to think that Obama is a fair judge on honesty.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton admits she has an issue with likability and trust, but says’s she’s optimistic that, if elected president, Americans will learn to love her.

During a convention of black and Hispanic journalists, Clinton was questioned by NBC News White House correspondent Kirsten Welker about her reaction to polls showing that a majority Americans didn’t like her and didn’t trust her.

“I take this seriously,” Clinton said, pointing out that it “doesn’t make me feel good” to hear critics saying mean things about her.

But she pointed out that a lot of Democrats also said mean things about her when she ran against President Barack Obama.

“It got a little contentious from time to time,” she said, referring to her first failed attempt to win the presidency. “And to my surprise, he turns around, asks me to be Secretary of State because he trusted me.
Considering the vast majority of the country thinks that Clinton isn’t trustworthy, Obama is one of a small percentage still publically embracing the former secretary of state. Of course, Obama’s obsession with his legacy might be the sole reason why he refuses to admit that Clinton’s stint in his administration was an absolute failure.

The rest of the country, meanwhile, seems to be on the same page. Clinton can’t be trusted now, and can’t be trusted in the White House.
We all know that Obama put her in the state department because he needed Bill Clinton as his supporter while we was battling with the republicans about health care and other fights. Bill is former president and he is frequently on TV shows and interviews, so if Bill and Hillary started to shoot at Barack he will be deadly wounded.

It was a political alliance, I will give you the mighty position, you go around and do what you have to do helping Clinton Foundation and preparing yourself for next elections for president, and in return support me politically in my battles so I can be remembered as successful president.

That was it! Political trade, political deal, no trust, no love, no SHIT!

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