Hillary Clinton May Have Been Wearing A Wire And Earpiece During Presidential Debate

During the Commander in Chief forum, it was unclear if Hillary Clinton was wearing an earpiece, but there sure was a lot of evidence to support that claim. Looks like it may have happened again at the first presidential debate.

When Hillary Clinton took the stage, a few people noticed a few funny things. First, there was a strange chord protruding from her suit jacket when she bent over. Evidence is below.

Yup, not only a wire, but what also looked like a power pack for an earpiece or mic. Given the mic that was in her face the whole time, it’s reasonable to assume that was for an earpiece.

Then there’s the earpiece itself. People spotted what they thought was a flesh colored piece of plastic in her left ear.

The report cited earlier claims Clinton wore a listening device during a presidential forum about a month ago.

“During the Commander-in-Chief forum held in New York City on Sept. 7, closeup photos of Hillary Clinton’s left ear showed she had some sort of earpiece in it, promoting concerns she was receiving on-the-fly coaching from her campaign while taking questions,” it said.

“Now a Reuters photo of Clinton [from Monday night] shows she may have had the same type of device in her ear again … during the first presidential debate with Donald Trump. Was she getting instructions from her campaign team while she was engaged in the debate?”

“What does she have in her ear? There are three possibilities: A hearing aid – loss of hearing or dulled hearing is not uncommon for people of Clinton’s age, particularly for those who have suffered a traumatic head injury, like a concussion. Many different companies market hearing aids that are meant to be concealed.”

The second possibility, some say, is an “inductive earpiece.”

“Stage actors often use these to help with cues and missed lines during performances. They are meant to be concealed, and with Bluetooth technology, those speaking to Clinton through it wouldn’t even have to be in the same city.”

So Hillary May have been cheating again. Given her track record, I don’t find this surprising at all and I think she absolutely was being coached on answers from the sidelines. Was Trump doing that? You bet your ass he wasn’t because he’s a man of integrity.

Do you think Hillary was cheating? Let’s hear it in the comments!

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