Hillary Clinton Returns to Campaign Trail, INSTANTLY Received Terrible News!

Hillary is back campaigning and out of hiding after her serious collapse on September 11, and a new poll shows that young and minority voters have just made a massive change in the presidential race.

As of today, conservative GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump now holds a national lead of 6 points over Hillary Clinton. Even more interesting is that Clinton’s support among black voters dropped from 85% to 75.3%, while Trump’s numbers among blacks (which were in the single-digits) skyrocketed to 19.3%.

In addition, Millennial voters between the age of 18 and 34 have generally favorited Clinton, with Trump earning 35% of those voters last month. As of today, 47.7% of that group support Trump, and his support continues to climb!

Considering young voters and minorities will have a major impact on this election outcome, this is the worst news Hillary could possibly see today:

Democrats who a month ago were measuring the curtains in the Oval Office, and even the House speaker’s, are — after a new Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday and polls from CNN-ORC and Bloomberg showing Trump with leads in Ohio and Florida — now Googling to see just how much rent they’d have to shell out for an apartment in Toronto. Quinnipiac still has Clinton up by 5 nationally, in line with the recent Washington Post-ABC poll, but that’s a sharp dip from two weeks ago. Polling is all about trends — photos of the horses in a horse race — and what these polls suggest is that Trump is gaining in the back stretch.

Of course, those Democrats (and some never-Trumpers, I’m sure) should probably hold off on sending in deposits, for reasons I outlined this morning. Donald Trump needs to win 116 electoral votes in the 10 states that are within 5 points in RealClearPolitics’ average right now. Clinton only needs to win 14. That said, FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver notes that state polls will follow the national ones, so there’s no guarantee such a sweep is out of the picture — or that other states won’t join the list of those that are close.

One thing that the new Quinnipiac and CNN-ORC polls should suggest to us, though, is that Clinton’s expected base of support — like so many Democratic candidates before her — is likely more fragile than Trump’s. But unlike past Democrats, her base is unusually fragile.

Another poll from Quinnipiac shows Trump is leading among 35 to 64 year old voters 46.7% to 41.3%. In addition, Trump’s support among Hispanics is 27%, which is higher than the Hispanic vote received by former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in 2012.


Hillary Clinton thought this campaign was over, and the liberal media was happy to go along with that narrative. But her health crisis has changed the discussion, and reminded millions of voters just how many lies Hillary has told during her decades in politics.

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