Hillary Clinton: Sexism Prevented Me from Becoming an Astronaut

Hillary Clinton didn’t always want to be a politician. In fact, as a young child she wanted to be an astronaut, she claims. Unfortunately for us, that path didn’t pan out, as she was thrust into politics by marrying the man who would take her to all the way to the White House, Bill Clinton.

Why we have to endure Hillary as a public figure — and possibly even future president — isn’t entirely the fault of the pantsuit-clad politician. She claims to have went so far as to write NASA about becoming an astronaut, but they wrote back saying that they weren’t allowing women to be astronauts at that time.

It’s clear Hillary finds this assertion sexist, no doubtAnyone who opposes Hillary is sexist, after all. But something else is fishy about this story.

Hillary Clinton tried to join the Marines, and was apparently told that she couldn’t because she was a women – another fishy claim.

This story has been told repeatedly by Hillary — almost as often as the truthfulness of the story has been questioned — as a means to show both the candidate’s pioneering personality and the systematic sexism she thinks she has had to endure as a woman on the road to the White House.

Now she’s telling a new story.

Hillary Clinton tried to be an astronaut, and was apparently told that she couldn’t because she was a woman.

Seems a bit too familiar, doesn’t it? Maybe next week we’ll hear how he NFL killed Hillary’s dreams of becoming a star linebacker because she was a woman. Until then, see her recount the story below:

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