Hillary Fan Scoffs at Benghazi… Gets BRUTAL Reality Check From Soldier Who Was There

By now it has become disgustingly standard fare for supporters and sycophants of presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton to swiftly dismiss any and all mention of the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack as little more than a “right-wing conspiracy” to smear the former secretary of state.

Case in point was a Democratic strategist who made an appearance a couple of weeks ago on the program of TheBlaze’s Tomi Lahren.

That strategist angrily proclaimed that all Democrats, and even the family of some of the Benghazi victims, like Ambassador Chris Stevens, were tired of hearing about the attack, proclaiming that “they’re sick of his death being used by the right wing as a political ploy. It’s disgusting.”

Those comments didn’t sit well with Lahren’s latest guest, Benghazi survivor and security contractor Kris “Tanto” Paronto, who was visibly upset and nearly at a loss for words in his response.

Expressing both his anger and a desire to meet that particular Hillary apologist for a face-to-face conversation, Paronto declared, “My disgust with that is paramount.”

Pointing out that there were things that could have been done to prevent or mitigate the attack both before it transpired and as it was taking place, Paronto also took issue with the resultant political spin, blatant lies and obvious coverup in the aftermath of the attack.

Calling those who would defend Hillary’s indefensible actions “worthless,” Paronto reminded viewers that the Benghazi attack was “about the death of Americans. It’s about leaving Americans behind. It’s about Hillary Clinton wants to become commander in chief,” when she failed to do the one thing a commander in chief is sworn to do, protect all Americans, particularly those serving their nation while overseas.

“These kinds of people need to stop procreating, period,” Paronto declared. “I’m tired of hearing people defend Hillary Clinton, because she left us. The bottom line, she left us.”

This man knows what he is talking about, as he was one of those few that were left on the ground in Benghazi for seemingly endless hours to defend themselves from a concerted and coordinated terrorist attack.

As such, he has had enough of the blatant lies and deliberate obfuscation of what happened before, during and after that night by Hillary’s allies and apologists, and he won’t stand still for it any longer, instead calling it like he sees it.

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H/T  Independent Journal Review

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