Hillary Got Called Out for Lying About Emails on National TV. Now She Claims She ‘Short-Circuited’.

Lost in what has been a very rough week for Donald Trump is the fact that Hillary Clinton told a very big fib on Fox News about her emails.

In an interview with Chris Wallace, she said:

Director Comey said my answers were truthful, and what I’ve said is consistent with what I have told the American people, that there were decisions discussed and made to classify retroactively certain of the emails.”

The Washington Post called it “4 Pinocchios.” Politifact rated it “Pants on Fire”.

Now Clinton is defending her statement. During a rare press conference on Friday, Hillary told the crowd she “may have short-circuited”.

She also made a second claim, that she’s never sent or received an email marked classified:

As FBI Director Comey made clear, however, that is also not the truth.

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