A recent poll from Public Policy Polling suggests that less than half of the residents in Ohio believe that Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be sent to prison, a truly shocking statistic for someone who has ambitions of becoming the next commander-in-chief of the U.S.A.

And this is not even the half of it. The analysis also included a funny question that was supposed to tell to what extent Hillary is actually abhorred, 19% of the people included in the questionnaire stated that Clinton is somehow connected to the Devil.

VIA USA Politics Today

The poll’s basic question, whether Ohio voters would vote Republican or Democrat in the presidential election, yielded 46 percent for the GOP and 43 percent for the Democrats. Another 11 percent said they weren’t sure. When Trump and Clinton were mentioned by name, however, the race was tied at 45 percent.

Perhaps the most horrifying thing for Clinton should be that only 48 percent of Ohioans think that she shouldn’t be in jail. Thirty-nine percent said that she should be behind bars, and 13 percent weren’t sure

In Pennsylvania, one state east of Ohio, the Democrat Party plans to nominate Hillary Clinton this week. Yet, just slightly to the west, in one of the most crucial battleground states, less than half the people are certain she doesn’t belong in prison. In fact, 37 percent aren’t entirely certain she doesn’t have ties to Beelzebub.

Let me be clear: We don’t wish to insinuate that that Hillary Clinton is related to Lucifer. According to the Rolling Stones — who I would venture know a bit about Satan — the dark lord is, and I quote, “a man of wealth and taste.”

Of course, there’s no end to Clinton’s affluence after she’s collected millions of dollars from speaking arrangements and similar miscellaneous positions requiring little or no work whatsoever.

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