Hillary: I’m Running For President To Protect Everyone ‘From the Plague of Gun Violence’

“I am running for President to protect our families and our communities from the plague of gun violence,” Hillary told the crowd in Virginia. “It is heartbreaking and infuriating that we lose an average of 90 American’s every day… it’s not just an urban problem…”  She goes on to lists various places that have tragically had gun violence, but not once condemns the man pulling the trigger.

As in typical leftist fashion, she condemns the very thing that keeps her safe, the guns that follow her around the country, but the average American cannot have them, as there is a plague.

Hillary is going to stop the plague of gun violence or so she promises her mindless followers.  In a campaign speech to those in Virginia she claims it is the inanimate object that needs to be controlled, removed, and confiscated and not the person with the hate problem.

She thanked the governor of Virginia for creating a task force to fight against the gun violence, but one must ask if the task force is looking into what is stirring up the evil intent within a human to ever want to kill another human.  That is the issue.  What is it in Virginia or Chicago or any other place with high gun violence, that has created a plague of evil intent in a human’s heart to carry out violence.

It begins and ends with the heart of hate that informs the person to kill another.  With or without a gun, that evil will manifest itself and find a way to inflict bodily harm. So why does the left ignore that aspect of violence?  What is it in society that is creating an atmosphere of hate and death?  This is what needs to be addressed.

Hillary stumps on gun control.  Her inability to see the darkness of her own soul, makes it near impossible to see it in others, let alone know how to fix it.  So she uses fear and propaganda regarding guns to gain support, without even recognizing the root of the real problem.

CLINTON: I’m running for president to protect our families and communities from the plague of gun violence … No matter what anyone says, this is not an urban problem. It’s a problem in small towns, small suburbs, on college campuses, in movie theaters and even in the basement of a church … In fact, we know the majority of Americans — and the majority of gun owners — agree with us on this … I won’t be silenced, and I hope you won’t be either. I will keep speaking out, and I will keep taking on the NRA… and I would love to see gun owners start a competing organization … Everyone in this country should be held responsible for their actions, and that includes gun manufacturers, gun sellers and the NRA.

When Hillary, will the real culprits of gun violence be held responsible?  Gun manufacturers are not going into Chicago neighborhoods and shooting up the place.  Members of the NRA are not heading onto college campuses and mowing down students in a reign of terror.  It is the criminal element, not the law abiding citizen that acts in fear and hate, wielding a weapon, any weapon that can inflict vengeance on the one who gets in their way.  Removing guns does not remove evil intent.

Hillary and most on the left are fixated on gun control because it is a thing that they can “take away” and appear to have solved a problem; but the problem is within the human heart and no government can legislate away hate.

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