Hillary Issues THIS Nasty Response To Flooded Louisiana – She’s SICK!

With his recent visit with an 18-wheeler full of supplies to flood-ravaged Louisiana, Donald Trump is actually being made the bad guy. Nevertheless, if you contrast his support with that of Hillary’s it makes perfect sense.

VIA Angry Patriot

Or, maybe not! Instead of showing actual support, Hillary picked her head up off the pillow, more than likely had Huma dial the phone, and called the Governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards. Then she, or more than likely one of her drones, penned this on Facebook…

That’s great Hillary, you are a true hero! Trump stops his campaign dead in its tracks and actually helps people while you are posting on Facebook and getting ready to head to Martha’s Vineyard to get your drink on for a birthday celebration with your buddy Barack.

Liberals have been going berserk on social media saying Trump is grandstanding and never should have gone down there in the first place, that he is just getting in the way.

I wonder how many of the families that got supplies from that truck would disagree with them.

Trump didn’t ask for a voter ID card to see if they were registered republican or democrat, he just handed out supplies.

There comes a time when a leader shows leadership by putting boots on the ground and does more by simply being there for people.

In the overall scheme of things did Trump’s visit speed up recovery? No, but what it did do was give a huge emotional boost to American’s that needed it.

Why did Patton’s men love him so much? Because every now and again he would get in the dirt with them and walk in their shoes.

He was not afraid to muck it up when the troops were down and they responded time and time again by giving him everything they had. And they won!

People in Louisiana wanted and needed to see their leader.

What did Hillary do? She phoned. What did Obama do? Nothing, he’s still on vacation. And what did Trump did? He showed up with a truckload of supplies because his are not just empty campaign promises, he actually worries cares about this nation and its people.

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