Hillary Just Announced Plans For Her Own Personal Army And It’s Extremely BAD

There’s a lot to fear about a Hillary Clinton presidency. The lack of transparency, higher taxes, more regulations, less freedoms, more control given to shady foreign governments. But how will she accomplish all of these nefarious deeds? Well, she’s revealed her hand on that. What she is proposing is something so creepy and communist-sounding that it sounds like an idea straight out of North Korea. She must be stopped!

Via Yahoo:

Hillary Clinton announced Friday that she wants to enlist 5 million new volunteers into a “National Service Reserve” aimed at 18- to 30-year-olds.
Reservists, under Clinton’s plan, would respond to natural disasters, help the homeless or tackle other local problems, the campaign said.

And what will Hillary REALLY be using this “National Service Reserve” for? Probably a bunch of illegal, political activity on behalf of our Clinton Foundation foreign donors. Whatever the Chinese and Russian billionaires tell her to do, Hillary will have a literal army to do the tasks. I wonder if they’ll wear fascist uniforms and have chants and slogans declaring Hillary the great Dear Leader of our country?

This sounds illegal and must be stopped!

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