Hillary Just Got BAD News From Elite Hollywood Women… This Will WRECK Her In California

Hillary Clinton has been edging out Sen. Bernie Sanders for the Democrat presidential nomination, but the former secretary of state has struggled to overcome her many scandals among some Democrat voters.

If there is anywhere on this planet that knows about scandals and liberalism, it’s Hollywood. Clinton likely thought she would have the celebrity vote locked down, particularly among females, but things haven’t gone exactly as planned.

Two of Hollywood’s elite female stars recently showed that Clinton needed to do a lot more than just be female in order to connect with them over Sanders.

Susan Sarandon told MSNBC’s Chris Jansing that she was confident that Clinton would be indicted over her email scandal — something that is rare for a liberal to admit, even one who isn’t a Clinton supporter.

“Nobody is talking about the indictment,” the Academy Award-winning actress told Jansing on Thursday. “What happens with that? Besides the trust issue of catching her in lies.”

Apparently conservatives aren’t the only one who see Clinton’s issues with trust, honesty and accountability.

Jansing pointed out that there hasn’t been an indictment yet, but the Sanders supporter was unshakeable.

“There’s going to be. There’s going to be. I mean, it’s inevitable,” Sarandon said.

The same night, another female celebrity dumped on the current Democrat front-runner, taking to Twitter to express her reasons for choosing Sanders over Clinton.

Rosario Dawson, an actress and outspoken Sanders advocate, tweeted about Clinton’s “accomplishments.”

“Iraq/Libya/Syria/Honduras, death trains, voting for wall, disastrous trade deals, fracking, #PanamaPapers, #PatriotAct,” the “Sin City” actress tweeted, sarcastically, about the many things Clinton has done that have caused liberals to turn their backs on her.

She also unloaded on Clinton for her overly rehearsed speeches and refusal to speak to people from her heart instead of from prepared talking points.

That’s what happens when you’re a pathological liar. Clinton has told so many lies, she can’t speak freely because she can’t afford to slip up.

These two Hollywood female celebs voicing their opposition to Clinton is not good for the former secretary ahead of the June 7 California primary.

With 548 delegates on the line in California and Sanders besting Clinton in some polls, the Democrat front-runner could be looking at a devastating loss — not just of the state, but of the momentum she desperately needs going into the Democrat National Convention in July.

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