Hillary Just Got Caught In MASSIVE Lie To America…Leaked Document PROVES It!

Hillary Clinton has been hammered over the fees she is paid for speeches by Wall Street and big banks and she continues to lie about it, time and time again. She refuses to release the transcripts, although we know what she said behind closed door from those who attended he speeches.

If you will recall, Bernie Sanders regularly blasted Hillary for the amount of money she collected for her speeches and Hillary’s response has always been something along the line of, “I took what they were paying”, but what you are about to see will tell the different story.

A document published by WZ shows quite clearly that Hillary had a “standard requirement” for speaking of $225,000 as a flat fee, plus a very long list of other requirements.

Here is an alleged leaked document:

Does that look like she was being paid “what they offered” to you?

No, she was being paid what she demanded.

This is just one more item to add to the list of Clinton lies and deception and there will be much, much more surfacing between now and the general election in November.

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