Hillary Just Got NAILED With Clinton Foundation Scandal At DNC…She Thought It Was Over!

Anyone paying attention at all realizes The Clinton Foundation is riddled with corruption and has a pay-to-play structure. Fact is, the Middle Eastern entities and the Russians do not give hundreds of millions of dollars to an organization without expecting something in return.

The Democratic National Convention kicked off on Monday and the news they just got hit with is not good for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party.

Here is what has been reported…

From Fox News:

Hillary Clinton is facing renewed calls for FBI – as well as IRS and FTC – investigations even after she tried to close the book on her email scandal ahead of her party convention this week in Philadelphia, this time over questions about the tangled dealings of her family’s Clinton Foundation.

A group of 64 House Republicans, in a letter, has asked the FBI, the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Trade Commission to examine the dealings of the foundation, alleging “criminal conduct” and describing it as a “pay to play” enterprise.

“I don’t know if it would be a super PAC or a for-profit entity,” Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., who circulated the letter, told FoxNews.com. “There sure is a lot of money going through there and it seems the contributions would touch on Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. It is a hub of some kind of activity and let’s leave it to the IRS, the FBI and the FTC to discern exactly what that is.”

The letter, sent July 15 though not widely reported at the time, focuses primarily on three unresolved controversies, brought up by Peter Schweizer’s book, “Clinton Cash” and New York Times reporting in 2015. They involve the inconsistencies with the foundation’s initial 501(c)(3) filing; the sale of a company called Uranium One; and the Clintons’ ties with Laureate International Universities, a for-profit education company.

“The foundation has routinely gone behind its pledge to act in furtherance of charitable causes and beyond that scope of activities indicated in its initial filings with the IRS,” the letter says. “The appearance of ‘pay to play’ transactions involving Laureate and Uranium One also raise serious allegations of criminal conduct requiring further explanation.”

The Clinton Foundation press office did not respond to numerous phone and email inquiries from FoxNews.com.

It is widely speculated that the Clinton Foundation is so connected and deeply corrupted by entities and individuals across the globe that if the foundation were to be fully discovered for it’s corruption it would quite literally take down the entire government of the United States.

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