Hillary KKKlinton’s Deep, Dark Ties to Racists and Radical Communists

Accusations that Trump and his supporters are racists are now simply ludicrous. Trump’s personal history includes opening once-exclusively ‘whites only’ golf clubs to Jews and African Americans. He has an established record of employing Americans of all racial and religious groups. Those are facts. Crowds at Trump rallies are racially diverse, and speakers at Trump rallies come from diverse racial and religious backgrounds, as well. Anyone who has been to a Trump rally, or seen video of one, can attest to these truths.

Support for Trump grows daily among Hispanics and African Americans – another fact. From Tito Ortiz to Herschel Walker to Ben Carson, prominent political leaders, sports stars, entertainment figures, and religious leaders from both communities are proudly aboard Trump Train.

Hillary would have us all believe that racism – and in particular, connections to the KKK – are a staple of Trump and his supporters. This allegation she bases upon a supposed connection between Donald Trump and David Duke. When questioned about a possibility of a Duke endorsement for his candidacy, Trump stated flat-out that he has never met or spoken with the man, and he denounced several times any endorsement or support from Duke – something he has been doing since as far back as 1991. Yet Hillary would still have us link Trump and Duke together.

Duke, a former congressman from Louisiana, does have a previous affiliation with the KKK – an association that he himself has denounced, yet the mainstream media never mentions in any discussion about Duke. But Hillary would obviously have us all believe that ‘once a member of the klan, always a member of the klan.’

For the sake of this discussion, let’s concede to Hillary: once a member of the KKK, always a member of the KKK.

Democrat Senator Robert Byrd was also a member of the KKK – and not just any old klansman: Byrd was a Grand Dragon. Why is Byrd important? Because he is a man that Hillary Clinton openly claims to have been her personal ‘mentor.’ Of course, on this fact, our mainstream media is deadly silent. Crickets. Nothing. Let that sink in…


It gets even better.

The current Grand Dragon of the KKK is a man named Will Quigg. Why is he important? Quigg is important because he has endorsed someone for president. He has endorsed Hillary Clinton. Grand Dragon Quigg has also donated $20,000 to the campaign of Hillary Clinton. Why is our mainstream media not demanding that Hillary publicly denounce Quigg? Why is our mainstream media not demanding that the Clinton campaign return the $20,000 they received from Quigg? From our mainstream media on this too, we only get silence. Are we starting to see a pattern here?

Another claim from Clinton is that Trump is cozy with communists – in particular with Vladimir Putin. Clinton would label the fact that Putin has paid some compliments to Trump, and that Trump has expressed a desire for a good relationship between the USA and Russia, to mean that Trump is under the influence of communists.

Now, if we want to look at who is actually closely tied to communists, we need look no further than Hillary. Another of her self-described mentors is communist radical Saul Alinsky. After years as Alinsky’s pen pal, she went on to write a glowing dissertation on him while at university, and would later establish a solid relationship with the man. This is a fact.

Aside from Byrd and Alinsky, the person who seems to have had the greatest influence upon Hillary Clinton is none other than Margaret Sanger. Yes, indeed – Sanger is a woman whom Hillary Clinton openly claims has been an inspiration to her and whom she truly admires. Margaret Sanger was the most racist woman in the history of our country. ”Black people are like weeds, they need to be pulled before they can grow.” That is a direct Sanger quote. Sanger also spoke at several KKK rallies. This is an historical fact: Singer was a racist and devout supporter of the KKK. Of course, our mainstream media is silent upon this as well. This is to be admired? An honest media would hound Hillary Clinton regarding her stated admiration for this woman. Again I ask, are we starting to see a pattern yet?

For information upon Sanger, I would direct everyone to look into what NFL player Benjamin Watson has bravely and eloquently said: The racist Sanger established Planned Parenthood in order to keep the population of African-Americans to a bare minimum. I stand with Watson on this matter, as should we all. In the outstanding documentary Hillary’s America, Dinesh D’Souza also reveals the true history of Sanger.


Just what we need: a president who was mentored by Byrd – a Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan, has ties with the lunatic communist Alinsky, and admires Sanger – one of the worst racists in the history of our country.

FACT: The history of the KKK lies within the Democratic Party.

FACT: Hillary Clinton is the candidate with clear, undeniable ties to the KKK.

FACT: The current leader of the KKK has endorsed Hillary Clinton.

It is common that a sociopath will accuse others of being what they themselves are. This is called ‘projection.’ Hillary, the disciple of racists and communists, regularly projects those philosophies and behaviors onto Trump and his supporters. If this is not classic sociopathy, then I do not know what is.

Will we become stronger together under a Clinton presidency? I think not. Obama has sought to divide our nation. Hillary Clinton will destroy our nation. Nothing I have stated is speculation, everything can be verified. In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.

H/T: Citizenanalyst

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