Hillary. New poll shows voters view the NRA more favorably than you

But….but…but….guns are bad!

The NRA is pure evil. It’s a monstrously disgusting, vile, xenophobic organization that hates – let’s go through the list – gays, Jews, blacks, Muslims, “the children,” women, Mexicans, Rastafarians, transgenders, 7th Day Adventists, Democrats, dogs, Mormons, old folks, Nordic peoples, Native Americans,  and most likely Pacific Islanders. That’s what Hillary Clinton, her DNC allies, and her media cronies want you to believe.  The NRA is the end-all-and-be-all of evil empires and, if there is something good for which a person can stand, the NRA stands against it.

….Oh, and a new poll reveals that it has higher favorability numbers than Hillary Clinton.

According to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, a bunch of crazed gun nuts are much more popular than Bill Clinton’s wife.

Sorry, Hillary. New poll shows voters view the NRA more favorably than you.

As you can see, the “hate mongering gun nuts” that Hillary likes to rail against are trouncing her by 9 points. In political terms, that’s a landslide.

Now I can hear what the Dems are saying.  “Look at Trump, he’s doing even worse!”  That’s true but, as I’ve been arguing since he announced, Trump can potentially improve his numbers. Hillary can’t. Everyone knows who and what Hillary is, and she has no way to alter or massage her onions in a credible way. She can’t “evolve” anymore without embarrassing herself, and her base will tolerate no waffling on the gun issue.

In fact, if this poll shows anything, it’s that taking a hardline pro-2nd Amendment tack will only help the real estate mogul, while screeching against gun rights will continue to be a millstone for the former First Lady.

Were I serving on team Trump, I’d advise him to study up, learn the terminology, learn the legal arguments and the original intent, and make the 2nd Amendment every bit as central to his campaign as immigration. He should never miss an opportunity to voice his support for the 2A, and he should never – never – let a speech go by without hammering Hillary over her desire to destroy it.

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