Hillary: Presidents Shouldn’t Have to Disclose Their Criminal History

Hillary Clinton has let her idiocy show again, this time in the form of a word-slip during her latest campaign speech. If you’ve been paying attention to the news in recent days, you’re probably aware of President Obama’s executive order that will not only prevent employers from asking about prior criminal history but also make ex-convicts eligible for government subsidies.

While Hillary was promoting a similar agenda that’s basically what President Obama is doing, she accidentally replaced the word “prisoner” with “president”. That might be the best example of irony any politician has made in quite some time.

In the player below, you can watch this hilarious slip-up. Hillary Clinton accidentally replaces the word “prisoner” with “president”, which is funny because it’s almost like she knows that she deserves to go to jail (or most liberals are criminals).

Everything about this word slip up is so perfect, it’s almost as if she were fated to say it. It sounds less like a mistake and more like the voice of a guilty conscience. If she doesn’t get put in jail before next year, let’s hope people will see this and see how unintelligent and unqualified she is to run the country.

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