Hillary Sent Out This Email Last Night in Major Panic About Trump in Ohio…She’s Desperate

Hillary Clinton and her entire team is in a pure panic about what is happening in Ohio, which everyone knows is a significant swing state. Trump is up 5 points in the latest poll, which prompted Hillary’s campaign to send out an email literally begging for money.

You can see a copy of the email below. They are clearly growing more and more desperate by the day as Trump continues to pick up steam.

Here is what the email said…

Friend —

According to a Bloomberg News poll just released, if this election were held today, we’d lose Ohio to Donald Trump by 5 points.

And if you’re about to quote one of our campaign’s emails back to me and say “don’t ever look at one poll in isolation,” I’ll tell you to look at the RealClearPolitics average of polls for Ohio, which now has us basically tied.

One state isn’t an election (even if that state is Ohio), but this is exactly the kind of trend that proves we need to get more folks on the ground stat.

And that kind of flexibility takes resources, which is exactly why we set our goal of 2.5 million donors by the end of the month in the first place — these grassroots donations give us the investment that we count on to help us win this thing where it counts.

We’ve got to leave it all on the field here. Hesitation could lose us this race — and I’m not willing to take that chance. I hope you’re not, either. We need another 8 donations from your area before the end of today to stay on track to hit our goal. Will you chip in $1 right now? We’ll send a free sticker to say thanks.

Here is a screen shot of the email…


A few hours later the following email went out, with more begging…


Hillary knows the Trump train is rolling and picking up more steam by the day. In a massive swing state like Ohio it could be enough to win the election. Trump is also close in Florida.

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