Hillary Staffer Makes Shocking Admission About Email Server… Drops The “D Word”

Now that Hillary Clinton is the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee, she and presumed GOP nominee Donald Trump have started going after each other with both barrels, and her email scandal is right at the top of The Donald’s ammunition pile.

The Daily Caller reported that while giving an interview for the podcast “Recode Replay,” John Podesta, the Clinton campaign chairman, used the “d-word” to describe Clinton’s email scandal.

It wasn’t “dunce” (though that would have worked well), it was “disqualifying.”

Podesta explained that some voters will consider her “mistake” involving the use of a private server to be disqualifying and will not vote for her because of it.

“But the question is, given the stakes of this election, is that, you know, is that a mistake that you would judge as disqualifying. Maybe some people will,” he stated.

Podesta, and Clinton for that matter, don’t seem to understand that millions of Americans aren’t going to be fooled by Clinton’s insistence that it was a “mistake” or her repeated claims that national security wasn’t threatened because of her actions.

We aren’t talking about a handful of people that will be affected by this. We are talking about a significant chunk of the population — enough that it could potentially tip the balance of favor in Trump’s direction.

Though many Democrats don’t have a problem with Clinton’s behavior, there is still a big enough portion who do that, if they refuse to vote for her, it could give Trump the edge in November and stop Clinton from occupying the Oval Office.

Clinton can’t be trusted with our nation’s secrets, and she has proven this time and time again. Letting her be elected would do irreparable damage to this country.

Many Republicans may not be happy with Trump and his rhetoric, but they need to keep in mind what the only alternative is.

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