Hillary Thought She Had Dem Nomination Wrapped Up… But She Was Just Hit With THIS Surprise

As Western Journalism reported Monday, according to an Associated Press count of pledged delegates and superdelegates, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has reached the necessary 2,383 delegates to become the Democratic Party’s 2016 presidential nominee. This would make her the first woman to be one of the two major parties’ nominees.

But her opponent is not giving up without a fight. Michael Briggs, a spokesman for Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, said Monday that Clinton’s presumptive victory depends on superdelegates and, unlike pledged delegates, those are not set in stone.

“It is unfortunate that the media, in a rush to judgement, are ignoring the Democratic National Committee’s clear statement that it is wrong to count the votes of superdelegates before they actually vote at the convention this summer,” Briggs said in a statement.

Briggs made it clear that the Sanders campaign plans to do everything in its power to change the minds of the superdelegates prior to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in July.

“Secretary Clinton does not have and will not have the requisite number of pledged delegates to secure the nomination,” he said. “She will be dependent on superdelegates who do not vote until July 25 and who can change their minds between now and then. They include more than 400 superdelegates who endorsed Secretary Clinton 10 months before the first caucuses and primaries and long before any other candidate was in the race.

“Our job from now until the convention is to convince those superdelegates that Bernie is by far the strongest candidate against Donald Trump.”

Clinton posted Monday on Twitter that she was “flattered” at the Associated Press report her campaign was focused on Tuesday’s primaries.

In another tweet, Clinton indicated she was close to victory, but not quite there yet, saying, “We are on the brink of a historic moment, but we still have work to do.”

h/t: The Blaze

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