Hillary Tries To Downplay FBI Action… FBI Official Smacks Her Back HARD

Almost from the outset of the FBI investigation into her private email setup as head of the State Department, scandal-plagued presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton has repeatedly attempted to downplay the significance of the law enforcement agency’s actions.

Hillary and her team have consistently referred to the investigation as little more than a typical review or “security inquiry,” but that is a term that FBI Director James Comey himself said he is unfamiliar with, according to Fox News.

Sitting down with reporters for something of an informal question and answer session, Comey was asked about the manner in which Clinton and her surrogates have characterized the email investigation.

Comey stated that he had no idea what a “security inquiry” even was, adding: “We’re conducting an investigation … That’s what we do.”

Comey also addressed the timeline of the investigation, making clear that he was not “tethered” to any sort of deadline or schedule and that he preferred a properly done investigation to a quick one, though he did admit that he was feeling some “pressure” to wrap things up in a timely fashion.

The director was asked if he would make his final report of the investigation public even if no criminal charges were pursued against Clinton, which he would neither confirm nor deny. He did say, however, that there were “no special set of rules for anybody that the FBI investigates.”

Several of Clinton’s top aides at the State Department have been brought in for questioning by the FBI recently, and it is expected that the agency will sit down with Clinton herself in the coming days or weeks.

Hopefully this FBI investigation — not a “security review” — is finished up in the near future and made public as it is handed over to the Justice Department, in order to keep the political appointees at the DOJ at least somewhat honest as they decide Clinton’s fate under the watchful eye of the American people.

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