Hillary Tweets Out Attack Against Trump For ‘Horrific’ Comment, Backfires IMMEDIATELY

Donald Trump took what may be the biggest blow against his run at the Presidency on Friday when an 11-year old video surfaced of a conversation between Trump and Billy Bush of Access Hollywood.

Hillary, as expected, jumped at the opportunity to slam Trump, calling his comments “horrific” and telling American voters they cannot allow him to be President. The backlash she re

ceived was immediate and rightfully so, considering her husband is a serial rapist…

I am not going to lie, this is going to be very tough for Trump to overcome, but not impossible.

First, let’s address the comments by Trump.

What he said was VERY bad, there is no way around that, but I honestly doubt any of that ever happened. Think about it… if a billionaire actually did the things he said he did, where are the lawsuits?

This sounds like a case of someone being a braggart because he had someone in the room who idolized him and fed his ego, and he simply fed into it in the moment.

Trump says it was locker room banter… and anyone that has ever been in a locker room can attest this is pretty much the type of conversations that take place. And whether people want to admit it or not, these conversations happen in both men’s and women’s locker rooms.

I would also put the question to those throwing the first stones if they have ever used what we would consider inappropriate speak behind closed doors and with close friends. Is this something anyone would ever openly admit to? No, but far more people than not have had a moment or two like this in their lives.

Be it in a sports locker room, in a fraternity house, over a few beers at the local tappy with the boys… just think about it before you pick up that next rock and toss it at Trump.

Now, about Hillary and Bill… the fact Hillary says this is horrific is about the most hypocritical statement I have ever heard in my life. Her husband was impeached for sexual misconduct while sitting as the President of the United States… and she defended him.

She defended a rapist and laughed about the fact she got him off after ruining a young girl’s life! She openly shredded Bill’s victims and even after Bill was proven guilty and wrote check after check, she never once apologized to those women.

If Hillary had half a brain, she would keep her mouth shut and let the media and the court of public opinion judge Trump on this issue. Instead, her hypocritical attack opens her up to attacks on Bill’s behavior and her conduct during and after the “alleged” attacks.

Can Trump recover from this? That depends on the next few days.

He made a first great step in owning up to what he said and doing so quickly. If the public can accept Hillary’s apology for allowing four brave Americans to be killed, putting our country at risk due to security breaches, and creating ISIS, I think they can forgive Trump for some idiotic locker room talk.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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