Hillary Wanted Us To Fact Check Her, So We Did – Here Are Her 5 Biggest Lies

During the second presidential debate, Hillary Clinton begged American voters to fact check her. Of course, she wanted the masses to use her website in their proof finding mission in order to keep the narrative contained and, more importantly, falsely in her favor.

We, however, didn’t use Hillary’s website. We went straight to the real sources and unearthed five of the career politician’s biggest lies to share with you!

Hillary Lie #1 – One of Hillary Clinton’s biggest lies was the one most easily proven false. She claimed to have apologized for calling half of Donald Trump’s supporters an “irredeemable…basket of deplorables,” but she absolutely did not.

Hillary only apologized for the fraction of the American populace she insulted. Even liberal rags like the Huffington Post, which loathes Donald Trump, were forced to admit Clinton lied about the apology.

“Last night, I was grossly generalistic, and that’s never a good idea. I regret saying half — that was wrong. I won’t stop calling out bigotry and racist rhetoric in this campaign,” Hillary’s official statement read, as per yesimright.com. Typically, an apology involves someone saying they are sorry or “I apologize.” Hillary only said she regretted saying “half,’” she did not say she was wrong for her thoughts on the matter nor did she take back her nasty analysis of tens of millions of Americans.

Hillary Lie #2 –  Clinton claimed the tens of thousands of Muslim refugees she and Obama have resettled on American soil and the many more she wants to bring in will be subject to “tough” vetting. She must have forgotten what she said during one of her many high-priced closed door speeches to the Wall Street donor class.

“They can’t possibly vet all those refugees. So, they don’t know if jihadists are coming in along with legitimate refugees,” Hillary said when referencing the dangers of allowing in Muslim refugees from Turkey, Jordan, and specifically Syria.

Hillary Lie #3 – Clinton told the American people and Congress that she only deleted personal emails from her private server and not classified or work-related communications. FBI Director James Comey said, under oath, that his investigators did indeed find classified emails on her system. We will never know how many thousands of more classified and work-related documents were scrubbed from her private server courtesy of BleachBit.

Hillary Lie #4 – Clinton chastised Donald Trump, essentially calling him a liar, for stating she was still the secretary of state when Barack Obama made his Syrian red line promise about chemical weapons. Obama made the read line vow in 2012.

After Basha al Assad used chemical weapons on citizens, Obama CHANGED his red line threat and said he would not take action against Assad until he saw a “whole bunch of chemical weapons being move around or utilized.” Clinton did not leave her post until February 1, 2013—quite some time after Obama had made his pledge.

Hillary Lie #5 – Clinton claimed Donald Trump verbally attacked the late Captain Humayan Khan, whose father called the Republican “Islamophobic.” Trump responded to personal attacks uttered by the brave captain’s father and referenced his mother’s silence during the DNC speech, but Trump never once said a disparaging word about Humayan Khan. He has praised the young man’s service and sacrifice many times.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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