Hillary Writes The Most Bizarre Tweet Yet… And Trump Has a HUGE Grin On His Face

Amid the presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s influx of Twitter attacks from Hillary Clinton, her campaign published a tweet that it probably wishes it hadn’t.

The tweet read: “Donald Trump’s foreign policy is already making Americans less safe, and he’s not even president (yet).”

Basically, the Clinton camp let its 6.5 million followers know that it expects Trump to be the next president — and that could become a reality for a number of reasons.

First, Democrat underdog Bernie Sanders could go on a delegate spree and prevent Clinton from securing the nomination, although Trump would still have to beat the self-declared socialist in November, of course.

Clinton could simply be indicted, effectively making her campaign and platform irrelevant. Last but not least, she could get pummeled by Donald Trump in the general election.

A mighty mistake on the Clinton campaign’s part, sending out a tweet like this. Heck, maybe she was trying to give her base a scare so they’d consider chipping in a dollar for her campaign.

Whatever the reasoning was behind the tweet, it definitely didn’t hit the intended mark.

As for Trump’s foreign policy, I think people will be just fine with trying to exterminate the Islamic State group. Now, as for “American’s feeling less safe,” I just don’t understand how that could be so when Clinton wants to shrink the size and scope of our military, while Trump wants to make it bigger and better than it’s ever been.

Eric Trump recently said that “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” should be required viewing for voters — and he’s right. The movie provides an eye-opening experience, exposing often unseen levels of bureaucracy and cronyism.

When watching the movie, you’ll get an unpleasant feeling in the pit of your stomach when you factor in that Clinton was the top dog in this entire ordeal. Then again, just the idea that what took place that night — which was expertly presented in the film — was blamed on a YouTube video is more frustrating than just about anything.

Hillary Clinton has already proved that Americans are indeed “less safe” under her foreign policy.

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