Hillary’s Attacks on Trump Backfire And The Internet Sets Her On Fire

On Thursday, Hillary Clinton directed her attacks at Presumptive nominee Donald Trump in press statements and on Twitter. She was met with harsh criticism from a vast number of twitter users who called her out on her corrupt past.

Breitbart reported: Before telling the real estate magnet to delete his Twitter account, Clinton posted a tweet describing “Donald Trump’s School of Philanthropy” as exploitative as it relates to his charitable donations.

But Clinton’s latest line of attack against Trump infuriated myriad Twitter users, many of them all-too familiar with Bill and Hillary Clinton’s long-reported history of using their global connections to exploit poor people, as well as the land and resources of impoverished countries: namely, Haiti.

And Twitter users wasted no time reminding Hillary Clinton of how she “screwed Haiti in the midst of a national catastrophe.”

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