#HillarysBodyDouble: Is the Clinton Campaign Using a Döppleganger?

 Politics and current events junkies were glued to their screens today, as the long-anticipated Hillary Clinton ‘medical episode’ played out in dramatic fashion.

Close observation of her limp head and feet, coupled with her absolute inability to stand upright without the support of the concrete pillar behind her indicate that she is really in bad shape. And yet, instead of rushing her to a hospital, her handlers chose to bring her to her daughter’s apartment – a strange decision.

After a brief stay in Chelsea’s Manhattan apartment, a new and rejuvenated Hillary emerged, looking chipper and healthy as a horse. Despite being on the sidewalk of the busiest city in the country, with hundreds of strangers awaiting her exit, her Secret Service detail seemed to be conspicuously absent. A small girl even ran up to her unabated for a perfect photo-op hug. The Clinton campaign has announced that Hillary was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday – yet she was still allowed to hug and handle a small child?



One has to wonder what could possibly have transpired in the approximately 90 minutes that elapsed between Hillary’s total collapse, and a magical recovery that left her looking ten times better than she had looked all day.

Here’s Hillary before and after her ‘episode.’

img_9984 img_9985

Dianne Marshall of The Marshall Report astutely observed that, while Hillary normally carries her purse over her left shoulder, the Hillary that came out of Chelsea’s apartment was carrying her purse over her right shoulder – a highly unusual adjustment, as many women will attest.


Investigative journalist Paul Joseph Watson amusedly weighed in on the whispers of a possible döppleganger, offering an interesting photo comparison to his 244,000 followers that only further stoked the fires of curiosity.


Just two months ago, the Daily Mail published this story about Teresa Barnwell, an advertising executing whose resemblance to Hillary was so striking, she quit her job to focus her energies on the lucrative business of impersonating Clinton.


Barnwell and Clinton in 1996

So, you be the judge – is there anything to this #HillarysDouble theory? Or does Hillary’s team just have some really nifty tricks up their sleeves for raising the nearly-dead?

After months of the EneMedia telling us that discussions of Hillarys health are ‘sexist conspiracy theories’ – why should we rule anything out? Let’s keep pulling the thread until the whole blanket of deception unravels.

I will leave you with the trailer for a movie from 1993 called Dave. It’s relevant.

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