His Supporters Are Leaving Cruz Behind And Turning To Trump

It’s time for Kasich supporters to start looking at their second choice and a new poll shows that they’re joining the Trump Train!

Quinnipiac University in Connecticut put together a national poll asking republicans whom they would like to win the GOP nomination. Naturally, Trump led the poll followed by Cruz then Governor John Kasich.

The interesting turn in the poll came when the research team calculated the votes of a head-to-head battle between Cruz and Trump. Kasich voters still participated, but were asked to choose a second candidate.

Trump was victorious over Cruz which hits that some Kasich fans will turn to Trump when the time comes. This study further supports the notion that Cruz simply cannot relate with the average American. Mr. Trump clearly has ideas that focus on providing a better life for America and Kasich fans can see that.

The road to the White House is coming to an end and the entire country is starting to rally behind Trump.

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