Hispanic Leader Drops Cruz for Trump

Juan M. Alvarez said: Mr. Trump I want you to know that I’m Mexican American along with Millions of Hispanic Men and Women that have your back 110%!!!!! Sick and tired of media saying Hispanics don’t like Trump. Hispanics LOVE TRUMP!!!! We will take you all the way to the White House!!!

Naty Torralba Clinkscales said: LET’S ROLL NEW YORK!!!!…..Think about you and your values as New Yorkers, this is your time and the time is now, think wisely and be smart. Americans are angry and we have had enough with all the BS, corruption, the lies, the veils and the games in Washington. Whether you are Democrats, Republican or Independent, If you want your country back, VOTE FOR DONALD TRUMP. We need strong leader to protect our country and the Americans. Let’s MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Hop on board the TRUMP TRAIN all the way to the WH!

Derrick Cox said: If Cruz (or anyone other than Trump) gets the nomination, the U.S. is going down in flames. As companies like Ford move their operations to places like Mexico, then, in this case, drug lords will expediently acquire inside controls and the drug trade will continue to thrive. International laws will also begin to take precedent over the U.S. Constitution in regards to U.S. economics. The principals of our Constitution are those which underlie and preserve the world’s free markets. Neither Cruz nor anyone else has a handle on what is happening when concessions are made without regard for keeping our own economy intact. Once our debt crushes us then these foreign market forces will quickly take over. It is like when people thought Obama was smart enough to figure out how our economy really works. He never did, and many have paid a high price with their livelihoods. This will continue under Hillary or Cruz to our economic ruin. The President today has one job…to salvage and strengthen our economy and our military. If this does not happen before it’s too late, nothing else will matter.

Big news in the Hispanic community – Hispanic Patriots founder

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