Hispanic Radio Host Releases Stunning Inside Report About Donald Trump

Of the many concerns regarding the candidacy of presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, his tough stance against illegal immigration, and how that will be viewed by Hispanic voters, is near the top of the list.

Following the 2012 loss by Mitt Romney to President Barack Obama, the GOP establishment determined that they needed to reach out to Hispanic voters and choose a softened stance on immigration reform as the vehicle with which to do so.

As Trump’s stance on immigration doesn’t match up with that of the establishment, some fear that he will actually do worse with Hispanics than Romney’s dismal performance.

While the polls certainly show that Trump has work to do courting Hispanic voters, he has not been not doing as poorly as many presumed. In fact, he has actually been doing quite well anecdotally, as was revealed during a recent interview with Bloomberg Politics.

“You notice my poll numbers today are starting to get much better?” Trump said. “I’m above Mitt Romney with the Hispanics. He was at 27 (percent in the 2012 election). I’m 29 in the NBC poll this morning.”

In the lengthy, largely anti-Trump piece the read like a premature obituary for Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus, Trump also relayed a conversation he’d had with a Hispanic radio host in New York, who believed that Hispanic support for Trump was far larger than that shown by the polls.

“A radio announcer, a Hispanic from New York, said, ‘I don’t know about these polls, because every listener that I have’ — they call in Spanish — ‘they’re all for Trump,’” he said.

Trump went on to state that with this apparently hidden support, he would be able to put into play states that Republicans generally have had a difficult time winning in general elections, such as Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, as well as deep-blue states like Connecticut, New York and even California.

This may be difficult for some to believe, particularly if they have listened to the vocal anti-Trump voices coming out of the Hispanic community and somber predictions from political pundits.

However, Trump has routinely outperformed the polls and defied the calamitous predictions of the punditry throughout the primary season thus far, and there is no reason to believe that will change anytime soon.

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