HOLY COW – Poker Pro Makes Stunning Claim About What Hillary Did at the Debate

America is truly in a battle for its soul against a woman who will stop at nothing to be “elected.” A professional poker player has some stunning allegations regarding the first debate, and considering Hillary Clinton’s “honest and trustworthy” numbers are in the cellar, many simply can’t put it past her.

After a thorough examination of the debate, professional poker player Mike Matusow believes Clinton was using “hand signals” in order to tell Lester Holt to allow her to have a rebuttal against one of Donald Trump’s talking points.

Now, Clinton has literally done dozens of debates during her political career, and this would be the first time she ever used this type of body language in any of them.

The alleged hand signals were first pointed out by investigative journalist Mike Cernovich, who has become well-known for his blunt opinions. That is when Mike Matusow responded in the affirmative.

The evidence is indeed compelling because whenever Donald Trump appeared to make some good talking points, Hillary would immediately make a little scratch on her nose and then give out a slight sideways glance at Holt.

This happens at least half a dozen times in the video, and there is even one situation where Lester Holt appears to “drop the ball” and Clinton gives him the “evil eye” like she is disappointed in him.

Alternately, after she would signal, Hillary would often give that huge, nauseatingly smug smile that appeared to be mocking Donald Trump. However, it was probably more of a congratulatory smile to Lester Holt for doing a “good job.”

Interestingly enough, the video was posted on YouTube by the Gateway Pundit, but the video was pulled in a short amount of time due to “complaints.” It is unclear just what standards the video was violating, and the nature of the video does not seem to be violating any copyright standards either.

How much lower could Hillary stoop in her quest to steal the 2016 presidential election?

God help us if this woman is “elected.”

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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