Homeland Sec. Insider Goes Public, Could Be on Obama’s Hit List for Bombshell He Just Dropped

For many years Republicans and conservatives have been accusing the Obama administration of deliberately downplaying the threat posed to us by radical Islamic terrorism. Now a former Department of Homeland Security insider has blown the proverbial whistle.

WND reported that Philip Haney, who is now retired, has written a book titled “See Something Say Nothing,” which he claimed revealed how the United States government has continuously hindered law enforcement from doing its job because of a political agenda.

The book was scheduled for release on May 24.

Haney shared details of how various terms were banned from being used to describe the threat and how various investigations were simply ignored out of a fear of coming across as insensitive to Muslims.

He says that his motivation behind writing the book wasn’t fame or fortune, but rather to “(t)ake the politically correct handcuffs off of law enforcement and military, and let us do our job.”

Haney detailed accounts ranging from an alleged cover-up involving the Boston bombing to “(t)he purging of training material that casts Islam in a negative light.”

If even a portion of Haney’s information is accurate, this could be a damning statement on President Barack Obama’s “legacy.”

The world is a much more dangerous place today than it was the day Obama took the oath of office. Much of this has to do with how he has — or rather hasn’t — handled the problem of radical Islamic terrorism.

Obama refuses to even utter the words “radical Islamic terror” in public, so why should we expect him to do whatever is necessary to defeat this threat once and for all?

The very future of our country and our way of life is at stake. Perhaps this book will inspire people to get out and vote in November to make sure that we never elect a president like Obama ever again.

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