***Horse Race LiveWire*** Left-Wing Activists Plan Anti-Trump Protests in NYC, Arizona

As reported by Breitbart: Sheriff Joe Arpaio says of the protesters blocking highway, anybody who violates the law “will go to jail.” He says his main mission is to take care of the safety and security of “Trump plus everybody else who lives in that town.”

2:15: Protesters now headed to Trump rally. One road now open:

2:12: NYC protesters arrive at Trump Tower. NYPD closes down part of 5th Ave.

2:08: Now three arrests in Arizona:

2:00: From Breitbart’s Kassam:

They’re currently Marchjng down cental Park South. Tried to get into the road. Police blocked them in a big way. One guy shouted he thought he was going to get shot. Police were very light touch but stopped it getting out of control. Masked protesters were urging people to jump the barricades. No one seemed to want to. Lots of chants in Spanish.

1:59: NYPD creates perimeter around Trump Tower:

1:55: NYPD uses mace on protesters:

1:54: Organizer of NYC protests urge protesters to use “sidewalks, not street.”

1:53: Vulgar NYC protesters:

1:50: Three cars towed, one person arrested so far in Arizona:

1:49: Protesters in Arizona causing mayhem:

1:46: Breitbart’s Raheem Kassam in NYC:

It started nervously, with more people on line at the Starbucks at Columbus Circle than there were to protest against Donald Trump. A few fresh faced young girls arrived, humorous signs in tow – ambling around looking for their supporters and friends. In the meantime, there were a handful of pro-Trump people arguing with passers by. Police outnumbered protesters by noon by around 20 to 1.

As time drew on, scores of people entered the circle, eventually taking over just one small segment of it, waving their banners and selling their badges labelled “DUMP TRUMP” and “SAY NOT TO CAPITALISM”.

While there were clearly many Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) 16% fans in attendance, the vast majority of those in attendance seemed to be anti-Democrat AND anti-Republican. This is a hard line, revolutionary socialist protest. Chants included “refugees are welcome here” – exactly the same slogans you heard on London’s streets today, as the same type of left wing activists engaged in running battles with nationalist counter protesters on Oxford Street.

Curiously, much of the protest in New York this afternoon revolved around a soccer team, with many of the organisers wearing “New York Cosmos” apparel and waving “AntiFa” (anti-Fascism) banners. The early crowds were very clearly mostly people of Latin American backgrounds, chanting in Spanish, a bunches of young women wearing hijabs.

Then came the revolutionary socialists. One woman told me she would abolish the presidency and have the United States run as a Soviet, committee-style country. Others dressed up as death, the Statue of Liberty, and waved signs insisting that everyone was an immigrant once.

“Fuck Trump,” was a common catchphrase, as various speakers lined up with a small megaphone to shout in the direction of the crowd.

Consensus appears to be that there were around 350 people on Columbus Circle – a busted flush when you consider the event had over 5,000 confirmed attendees on its Facebook page.

Journalists looked equally confused and disappointed, as did the rally goers whispering to each other: “We thought there would be more. How come there’s not more?”

At the time of writing the protest is still on Columbus circle, and due to move down Central Park South towards the Trump Tower.

1:45: “Brandon’s life matters,” she says. She also said that Trump has been a voice for “all of us who have had a loved one killed by an illegal.” She says no politician has “ever stood up for us.” She also said, “isn’t it time that out government gave a damn about Americans?” She says there are plenty of publicly-funded programs for illegal immigrants but none for victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants.

1:43: Trump rally in Arizona:

1:42: Protesters reportedly being arrested outside Trump’s Arizona rally:

1:40: Anti-Trump rally headed towards Trump Tower:

1:35: Sheriff Joe Arpaio says of the protesters blocking highway, anybody who violates the law “will go to jail.” He says his main mission is to take care of the safety and security of “Trump plus everybody else who lives in that town.”

1:32: Babes for Bernie, Hitler signs at NYC Trump protest:

1:30: Protester who tied himself to car with cables arrested:

1:29: Medical emergency at Arizona Trump protests. Someone reportedly had a heart attack:

1:27: Snipers reportedly on top of buildings near Trump protests:

1:25: Protesters jumped on Jeep that plowed past crowd:

1:20: Jeep reportedly plowed into protesters:

1:15: More disruption in Arizona from the “Brown Wall Against Trump.”

1:11: Arizona anti-Trump protesters causing havoc. According to NBC’s Jacob Rascon, they are now using cables to tie themselves to cars blocking the road to Trump’s event:

12:59: Left-wing anti-Trump protesters are anti-Hillary as well:

12:50: Deputies towing vehicles that were blocking road to Trump’s Arizona event:

12:45: Anti-Trump protesters shut down street in Arizona. Arpaio’s sheriffs now on scene:

12:11: “Probably 1oo” at anti-Trump rally in NYC:

11:58: Breitbart’s Kassam observes “about 40 people” at anti-Trump NYC protest:

11:55: The question many are asking:

11:50: Breitbart’s Lee Stranahan in NYC:

1 2 3 4

11:45: More journalists/cops than anti-Trump protesters in NYC:

11:43: Trump glad to be back in Arizona:

11:35: Looks like a low-energy protest in New York (Breitbart London Editor Raheem Kassam in NYC covering the protests):

11:33: Trump also blasted “Bobo” David Brooks:

11:30: Trump slams ‘crazy Megyn’ again on Twitter:

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