Hospital Staffer Shocked at What She Found When She Opened “Co-Ed” Bathroom Door

So much for those “harmless” co-ed bathrooms: One hospital in Texas was on high alert after a camera was found installed in one such restroom.

According to KTRK-TV, the discovery was made by a staff member at Ben Taub Hospital in Houston Thursday at about 11:30 p.m.

According to the Harris Health Systems, which operates Ben Taub Hospital, the camera was installed in a co-ed bathroom on the fifth floor that’s usually used by staff members. However, the bathroom is not locked to the public, so guests or patients can and do use it.

The camera was handed over to the Houston Police Department, which is spearheading the investigation. It’s unknown how long the camera was in the bathroom, and police said they had no suspects. However, they added that they would notify anyone who was caught on camera that footage of them had been captured.

Meanwhile, we’re assured over and over again by the left that gender neutral restrooms are completely safe.

Keep in mind, this bathroom was on the fifth floor of a hospital. It was mostly used by staff and only a few patients used it. There weren’t a whole lot of people who could have installed the camera there.

Target, meanwhile, has made all of its bathrooms transgender. Thousands of people come through Target stores every day, all of them almost impossible to track. And yet, the left wants us to believe that our wives and children are going to be safe, that they’re not going to be caught on video by a pervert like this.

I’m sorry, but no “diversity” or “inclusiveness” is worth my children being caught on video by some deranged pervert, being used for their own sick ends. Liberals can pretend this doesn’t happen, but America knows the truth — and we’re willing to stand up for it.

H/T Breitbart

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