Hours After Debbie Reynolds’ Death, Liberal Comedian Makes REVOLTING Racist Joke

As far as liberals are concerned, not one of them is or acts racist, or at least the media never reports when they are. However, you and I both know that isn’t true.

As many are aware, Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher passed away, and then her mother, legendary actress Debbie Reynolds, passed away a day later. While some are claiming Reynolds died “from a broken heart,” liberal race-baiting comedian D.L. Hughley took a different path. In a nutshell, he trivialized Debbie Reynolds’s death and “black mamas [sic]” who have lost children, making huge blanket statements about both races, as per The Blaze.

All I have to say is congratulations to D.L. Hughley because he managed to offend two peoples at once, and even his own Twitter followers called him out on it.

First of all, he was insensitive toward the deaths of two screen legends. As children, it was everyone’s dream to live the life personified in Star Wars, with the likes of Harrison Ford and “Princess Leia.” Yes, we all knew it was made up, but the attributes of chivalry and heroism were all something we wanted to emulate.

And within any group of people, it is almost always the mothers who take on the bulk of child care. In our formative years, it is the love of a mother that gets us through and helps us to become who we want to be. She was the first one to love you unconditionally and the first one to exemplify the love of our creator God.

In light of that, how dare D.L. Hughley characterize literally millions of black mothers by the same brush. According to him, does that mean that all black mothers simply roll over and meekly accept whatever might happen?

I have not known many black women in my lifetime, but if they are anything like my grandmother, who raised nine kids during the Great Depression, they are extremely tough. But you know what? Many people cannot handle the stress of losing a child—forcing a standard on an entire people does little except demean those of them who struggle to meet that high standard.

Apparently, this is something D.L. Hughley has never experienced. The stress is unconscionable, and something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

There are millions of people who die in close proximity to their loved ones, so this statement on Hughley’s part is extremely ignorant. My uncle, a full-blooded Italian, lost his wife to cancer and then died a few weeks after. Does that mean that all Italians are weak in Hughley’s mind as well?

These “blanket statements” are the exact same thing that cause people to lose elections. Remember Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” comment? Likewise, Hughley’s statement is indeed going to make the Hall of Fame for offensive comments because it literally offended millions.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher. Our thoughts and prayers go out to anyone in the black community who have lost loved ones, especially children. And Mr. Hughley, you owe many, many people an apology.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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