Hours Before Debate, Ted Cruz Issues THIS Powerful Statement – Media STUNNED

Ted Cruz just fired a massive shot at Barack Obama with less than four hours to go before the debate. We can only hope this comes up tonight with a liberal moderator hosting the event.

Cruz picked up on a story that has been going around the internet today of Robert Creamer, a known voter fraud specialist, visiting the White House hundreds of times and personally meeting with Obama dozens of times…

Cruz is right; we need a real investigation that is NOT conducted by James Comey, as he has proven to be in Hillary’s back pocket already.

There simply is no excuse for someone like this to be walking the halls of the White House. Furthermore, there is no place for a man on Hillary’s campaign staff, which he was until recently.

This is a man who has a criminal record and spent five months in federal prison for a case involving over $2 million in bank fraud!

It would also seem we can tie the rumors of Obama voter fraud to this man, as he served on both his 2008 and 2012 campaign staff, although it would appear he was directly employed by the DNC as a consultant for Obama.

You know how it works—keep the bad guys at least one layer away from the candidate so they cannot be directly implicated, but it would appear Hillary is not quite as smart as Obama in this case!

When we cry “voter fraud,” Hillary and company say it is nothing more than conspiracy theory. We have shown verified stories dozens of times including the two most recent undercover videos by Project Veritas.

I have likened both this administration and Hillary’s campaign to criminal empires, and that gets proven true more and more every day. If Hillary somehow gets this election, the entire country is going to be disheartened because our biggest fear will become a reality.

Everyone, at least those with common sense, are going to realize our vote means nothing, and, as Trump has been saying all along, the system is rigged for the elites to succeed and the everyday man to get buried.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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