How Hillary Bought Off Bernie…Sanders Fans Horrified

So Bernie Sanders is out. He has graciously thrown his support behind his once bitter rival, Hillary Clinton, and is encouraging his hippie throng of supporters to do the same.

Whether they will or not is up in the air, but we know now what it took to get Bernie to back off …

A private plane.

In a secret memo titled “End Game” circulated among the “Bernie 2016” campaign, they discussed strategies for bowing out of the race and surrendering the nomination to Hillary. The memo was dated June 5 and obtained by BuzzFeed.

They discuss two possible scenarios – forcing a roll-call vote and conceding before the nomination. But what to get? What to ask for? Well, for starters, Sanders folks wanted a plane.

In their bullet-points of “recommendations for the fall,” on the top of the list was:

Request a plane and a staff for a series of fall rallies in battleground states. This plane would be paid for by the DNC. The more Sen. Sanders campaigns, the more credit he can take for a Democratic victory and continue to keep his movement energized and in one place. It would also make great sense to focus on younger voters.

Bernie’s attempt to blackmail the DNC into giving him a private plane to toodle around the country in exchange for his concession was before the world found out just how much Hillary and the DNC were conspiring against him in the campaign. My guess is now, he could ask for a whole fleet of planes.

The other demands were full-throated support to turn the Senate over to the Democrats and specifically campaigning for “progressive” (read: Socialist) Democratic candidates … to “extend the Sanders legacy and build progressive [socialist] strength for future policy battles.”

This must come as a shock to the unwashed masses of young people who supported Bernie. Before the presidential campaign, Sanders was famous for being the rumple-suited guy who flew coach – in the middle seat. He was a guy who refused to fly on a private jet because he was “one of the people.”

But Bernie has changed. He’s used to the last year of charter, private planes with menus of lamb, “lobster sliders” and “chocolate ganache.”

It seems Bernie’s got a taste of the good life – a taste of capitalism – and he likes it.

And so he sold out. He sold out his movement, his mission, and his unwashed masses for a private plane 30,000 feet up.

That “Bern” that his devotees felt must be itching like day-old diaper rash by now.

H/T: ConservativeTribune

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