Huckabee Blasts Anti-Trump Conservatives: What They Are Doing Is “Absurd”

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has absolutely had it with anti-Trump conservatives and their petty attempts to derail presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

“What they are doing is they are just giving the most flawed Democratic candidate since George McGovern the White House,” he said during an interview with Breitbart this Sunday. “This would be absurd.”

He added that instead of obsessing over the things they dislike about the presumptive nominee, anti-Trump conservatives ought to be grateful to him for “broadening the base and giving us the opportunity to take Hillary out.”

“Donald Trump, like it or not, has brought people to the Republican Party who have never been with us before,” he said.

He added that “Donald Trump is going to be far better for us” than Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton, an inordinately corrupt woman who desires to implement the next stage of current President Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America.

“I guarantee you Vladimir Putin isn’t going to be flying fighter jets 30 feet above a U.S. destroyer if Donald Trump was in the White House,” Huckabee quipped. “With Hillary, they’ll do more than just fly by.”

In concluding the interview, the former 2016 presidential candidate offered a few tidbits of advice for Trump.

“I would tell him to do what he has done so far,” he said. “That’s be himself. Don’t allow himself to be suckered in to getting into the mold of the Washington politicians because the country is clearly rejecting politics as usual. They are rejecting the norm of what we have seen.”

He also urged Trump to refrain from making too many deals. Instead of being forced to modify his own positions, Huckabee argued, Trump should stand tall and make everybody else — including House Speaker Paul Ryan — adjust their own failed platforms.

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