Huckabee OWNS Trump Doubters With 11 Brilliant Words Of Wisdom

The political world was momentarily stunned Monday morning by an announcement from the campaign of presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump that campaign manager Corey Lewandowski had been let go.

Rumors about the reason for Lewandowski’s termination have been swirling, with much speculation centering on internal conflicts in the campaign between those who wish to better control Trump and Lewandowski, who had taken a decidedly hands-off, let Trump be Trump approach to the campaign.

Appearing in-studio on the Fox Business Network, a former GOP primary candidate turned Trump supporter, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, addressed the topic after first discussing the latest polls.

Pointing to campaigns in past election cycles at a similar time frame, noting that the eventual losers were ahead in the polls, Huckabee stated that everything can change in the months going forward, particularly after the conventions. “Right now, polls are interesting, but they aren’t very revealing,” he said.

As to the topic of Lewandowski’s ouster from the Trump campaign, Huckabee looked at it as evidence that, as loyal as Trump can be to those working for him, if they aren’t getting the job done, they have to go, a quality we should all be looking for in a presidential candidate.

As to the notion that Lewandowski was fired for “letting Trump be Trump,” to be replaced by somebody that would keep him on a tight leash, Huckabee declared, “I don’t care who they hire. Nobody is going to keep Donald Trump from being Donald Trump.”

He went on to add that everyone in the campaign knows that Trump will do whatever he wants to do, and that, “There is no point in trying to put a bit in his mouth and guide him around like a pony around the stall. It ain’t gonna happen.”

Huckabee just made it as clear as can be that Trump is his own man who will be controlled by nobody, which is a direct shot at those who surmise that Lewandowski’s “hands-off” approach to managing Trump was the reason he was released from the campaign.

In truth, we may never know for sure why Lewandowski was let go, though it is safe to presume that he simply was no longer capable and effective at getting the job done of securing Trump’s nomination and election to the White House. It would be a truly monumental task for any candidate, much less an outsider with a small team whhas never really run a national campaign before.

Trump will go on being the same Trump he has always been, perhaps now with more experienced people at the helm of his campaign who have been there before and better understand the ins-and-outs of winning the presidency, knowledge it appears Lewandowski may have lacking in..

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