Huff Post Writer: Blacks Should Take Over Southern US, Establish “Black nation within a nation”

According to the blatantly racist news publication the Atlanta Blackstar, the black community is once again calling for the creation of an entirely black nation within a nation and black gun ownership.

Did they not get the memo that the black community has just as much right to the second amendment as white people do? So what do they really want. If you read further into it, you’ll see the “self-defense” they’re after isn’t arming black citizens, but creating a black military.

These ideas are based off of the 1968 meeting of black nationalists in Detroit which led to the Republic of New Africa, which would be made up of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. If this was taken into consideration in modern times and then reinstated, which it could very well be under another liberal administration – or possibly this one – you can guarantee whatever idea there was of a second Civil War taking place in the United States will become reality.

These renewed calls for black-controlled states would involve 40 million black people migrating back to these southern states, where they plan on controlling the economy, education and politics. This leads to the greatest question of all, if they want an African society, why not just go to Africa?

Today, there are renewed calls for a Black-controlled land in those five Southern states.

“What we are wanting to do is to have Black people start migrating back to these states.  If we migrate 40 million Black people back to these sates, we can control the economy, the education and the politics of these states, and we can do this without the need to fire one bullet,” said Omowale. “And once Black people move in, white people will move out.”

The People’s New Black Panther leader noted that the land is cheaper in these states.

“We can buy land in Mississippi for $5 an acre.  We have to stop wasting our money on cars, tennis shoes and rims.  We need to be land owners, and this is our way to have a nation within a nation,” Omowale added.  “The same way we migrated out of the South after slavery, we can migrate back to the South.  Let us be land owners. We have men walking around with $20,000 in their pocket. Let’s buy 20 acres of land in Georgia, let’s buy 20 acres of land in Mississippi.”

Omowale said that when Black people move into these states, they will operate the levers of power.

“The main thing is that we want to control the government in these states.  We want Black police officers. We will still have issues and problems, but when you have Black police officers, they are less likely to kill Black people than are white police officers,” Omowale said.  “They know our culture and are less likely to gun us down. Building this nation, we will have problems.  But it will be worked out over time.”

Further, he explained his view on the nature of law enforcement in America.

“We have to understand who the police are. Their parents and grandparents, many of them are Ku Klux Klan members.  They are a part of the same thinking, they are a part of the same households.  They join the police to keep an eye on Black people. They are not interested in protecting and serving people but keeping Black people beneath them,” Omowale said, offering that until we have police officers who are interested in protecting Black people, the same problems will continue.

“Police have more equipment now, and they are itching to use Black people as their test subject.  It is all about control and subjugating our people. They will keep things in line,” he added.

Perhaps it’s time to consider the fact that white people aren’t responsible for racism, it’s people and ideas like these. How long will modern black people hold modern white people responsible for something they didn’t do and weren’t alive to live through? It’s not equality these “activists” are after, it’s racial superiority and the decimation of “white” society, as clearly demonstrated by these ideas.

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