Hundreds at The DNC Did THIS During Hillary’s Speech… MEDIA SILENT

Hillary Clinton became the first woman to accept a major US political party’s nomination for president Thursday night.

If you missed Clinton’s acceptance speech, or couldn’t put yourself through the torture of watching, it was such a snooze her own husband fell asleep during it.

Clinton’s delivery was shrill and angry, as usual. What the cameras didn’t show during her speech—the biggest of her life— were the hundreds of Bernie Sanders supporters and delegates viciously heckling her throughout her address.

Some Bernie supporters, attired in day-glow neon yellow t-shirts with the statement “Enough is enough,” defaced “HILLARY” signs so they read “LIAR.”


To prevent the chaos that ensued during the previous days of the convention, DNC officials installed a white noise machine to drown out booing of Sanders supporters would make during Clinton’s speech, but underneath the white nose was staunch opposition and enraged jeering.

The crowd, many of whom were paid seat fillers, tried to drown out the hecklers by chanting, “Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!”

Some protesters were reportedly ejected from the arena, but remained relentlessly outraged.

Liberal writer Matthew Yglesias posted the DNC’s official counter-chant instructions for Clinton delegates.

We are witnessing the DNC’s playbook on how to elect a rich, powerful, corrupt, liberal woman who was married to a former president. All optics, zero merit.

The spontaneous catcalls and continuing boos undoubtedly created a distracting atmosphere and made it difficult at times for Clinton to get through her speech. But no liberal ears heard them. You can bet our friends on the left will chalk up the boos to be nothing more than false echoes.

The mainstream media will predictably work as the conniving arm of the Democrat party and won’t mention it.

If this happened at the Republican National Convention, we wouldn’t hear the end of it. There is no scenario in which Trump would enjoy this level of immunity from consequence.

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