Hypocrite: Video Shows Hillary Blaming Mexico for Immigrants, Calling for More Guards, Fences on Border

We already know that Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy knows no bounds, but recently-resurfaced remarks of hers will remind us why she is a politician whose only real belief is that she must say anything and everything to increase her own power.

It has become a liberal hobby this election season to clutch pearls over Donald Trump’s strong rhetoric against illegal immigration, with many citing it as reason for voters to support Hillary over him. As is usually the case, however, this requires a heavy amount of amnesia along with a dose of cognitive dissonance on the part of Democrats.

Few of Hillary’s supporters who now attack Trump for opposing illegal immigration seem to forget that Clinton voiced similar sentiments up until she started her 2016 campaign for the presidency. In fact, one particular video shows Clinton making comments about Mexico and Mexicans that, if they were uttered by Trump, would have been pronounced by the same pundits and commentators who salivate over Hillary as damaging to the GOP candidate’s campaign.

Speaking before reporters, Clinton lamented the fact that the Mexican government went out of its way to pursue policies that drove its citizens to flee north, a criticism that Donald Trump has articulated on several occasions. To lessen the effects of this, Hillary proposed that, in addition to putting more guards and barbed wire on the border, we should subject employers who knowingly employ illegals to more severe sanctions. But of course, as liberals will say this was before she “evolved”, and besides, she probably didn’t even mean it when she said it, right? She was just being dishonest to get votes: now that’s reassuring, isn’t it?

See the video below:

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